What’s In My Shower Caddy? | Junior Year Apartment

What's In My Shower Caddy? | Junior Year Apartment

Wow, the wall of my shower is so ugly, but it’s what I’m working with for the next few months! I’m back with an updated what’s in my shower caddy, expect this year it’s a hanging shower caddy (last year’s post) because I’m in an apartment. I’m only in this apartment until the end of May and then hopefully I’ll be moving into someplace a little nicer. I’m currently on the search with my roommate to find a new place to live for our senior year of college!

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What’s in My College Shower Caddy? | Freshman Year

What's in My College Shower Caddy?

Living in a dorm comes with a new experience: shower caddies. No longer did I have my own bathroom to put all of my stuff scattered around. Now my whole shower comes in a basket where I have to walk across the hall to take a shower. It’s not too bad, though, especially since I don’t live in traditional dorms so our showers are pretty nice. The water pressure, though, not so kind on my hair or skin.

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