May Beauty & Lifestyle Favorites

May Beauty & Lifestyle Favorites

So this monthly favorites post was supposed to go with my updates post, but that ended up being a very long post so this one gets its own. I was surprised that I actually came up with a few new products that I’ve been using a lot this month. I’ve been off of school and work for most of the month, so I’ve just been doing a lot of relaxing and a little shopping too, oops!

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What I Bring to the Gym & Other Fitness Favorites

I’ve been really consistent with going to the gym for the past two months or so. I thought I would share what items I bring with me to go to the gym and some other fitness items I’m loving at the moment. I’m going to try my best to keep up with my health and fitness routine throughout the summer along with working as a camp counselor again. I’ll keep everything updated in my monthly favorites posts too!

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March Favorites and Updates

March Favorites and Updates

We’re getting down to the wire here with school. I officially have like 4 1/2 weeks left as I’m writing this. Very exciting, but very stressful! I’m going to try to keep up with blog posts, but even in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been putting it on the back-burner. Also going to be changing up the style of these posts so they are more organized and so I can share a little bit more with you guys!

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Currently Reading, Watching, & Listening To Lately Winter Edition

Currently Reading, Watching, & Listening To Lately Winter Edition

I guess I’m making this a series on the blog now! I’ve done two of these posts (check out my last one here) in the past and have now decided to make this a quarterly post here. It’s basically just my lifestyle favorites and an excuse to post my Spotify playlists on here. Anyways, let’s get on with this post!

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November Recap and Favorites

November Recap

Happy December! We are on the countdown to both finals and Christmas. November was a great month, but a very busy month. I also decided to switch up how I do my monthly favorites posts, in the past, I was doing my five loves for the month, but I was struggling coming up with five new things I was enjoying over the month. So my new format will be giving a little update and then a few favorites from the month.

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