Complete Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit for $100

Complete Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit

This is a complete guide to a drugstore makeup starter kit. For a little over $100, beginners can get good quality makeup and start their collection. When I first started my makeup collection, the drugstore was the first place that I hit up. I wanted to see if I really liked doing this whole makeup thing without spending a ton of money. Of course, I’ve realized now that you can find some real gems in the drugstore that have become staples in my collection. I wanted to create this complete drugstore makeup starter kit for people who want to start with the basics or build on their collection!

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Drugstore Essentials Haul | Milani, Maybelline & Royal & Langnickel

Drugstore Haul

I’m calling this an essentials haul because this haul consists of primers and brushes, which are both essential for putting on your makeup and every item is from the drugstore!

This was kind of spur of the moment pick of items. I was in Walmart picking up school supplies and just wandered over to the makeup section to see what was there. Then I ended up walking out with three items, but I feel a little less guilty about this because it is drugstore and these products are pretty affordable!

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