Things Every College Student Should Do This Autumn

Things Every College Student Should Do This Fall

It’s no secret that autumn is my favorite season, and being a college student there are a few things that I think every student can do to get in the autumn spirit. Even though it’s a lot harder to get in the spirit being in a small college town, I wanted to create a little inspiration for other college students wanting to get out there and experience the magic of autumn!

These a few fun things that can be done with friends or at home. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find time in your busy schedule to at least do a few fun autumn activities because it really is the best time of year! Even in my small college town, I can find most of the activities. You can read my autumn tag here as well!

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The Autumn Tag

The Autumn Tag

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

Basically, the beginning of September is enough for fall to begin for me! But, in all reality its when the weather starts getting colder, the air is a little crisper, the days are a little shorter, and the leaves are a little prettier! I love seeing leaves on the ground and changing colors, and I also love the crisp air. Basically, I just love fall!

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