College Apartment Bedroom Tour | My Junior Year Room

College Apartment Bedroom Tour | My Junior Year Room

I’m finally getting around to sharing my college apartment bedroom from my junior year! I took these photos in December I think, but here you go with the photos now that I’m moving and my room is all packed up. I really liked how my room came together this year, despite my first apartment being very 70s in style. I got most of my stuff from Target, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Ikea. You can check out my dorm room tours here and here.

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16 Things I Learned in 16 Weeks of College | Junior Year Spring

16 Things I Learned in 16 Weeks of College | Junior Year Spring

I can’t believe that I graduate in a year! It still feels like I’m a freshman, but here I am finishing up my junior year at SDSU – crazy! This will be the sixth post that I’ve written for each semester. (Read last semester’s post here) I haven’t been very good at writing on this blog this year. I’ve been keeping very busy with an internship, working at the radio station, class, and just everything else. It’s been so great, and honestly, I’ve had one of the best semesters, which is not something that I thought of with how the last one ended! I have a busy summer ahead and another busy senior year coming up, but things are really starting for me!

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What’s In My Shower Caddy? | Junior Year Apartment

What's In My Shower Caddy? | Junior Year Apartment

Wow, the wall of my shower is so ugly, but it’s what I’m working with for the next few months! I’m back with an updated what’s in my shower caddy, expect this year it’s a hanging shower caddy (last year’s post) because I’m in an apartment. I’m only in this apartment until the end of May and then hopefully I’ll be moving into someplace a little nicer. I’m currently on the search with my roommate to find a new place to live for our senior year of college!

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16 Things I Learned in 16 Weeks of College | Junior Year Fall

16 Things I Learned in 16 Weeks of College | Junior Year Fall

I have officially finished up my fifth semester of college! I’m a junior now and have recently changed my major (read all about that here). This has honestly been one of the hardest semesters for me and I’m so ready for a fresh start next semester. I’ve moved off campus now and that’s been a transition, and I’ll be getting a new roommate at the start of next semester so that will be another adventure in my life! Life really has thrown me through so many twists and turns this semester, but I’ve grown in my relationships with people that care about me and I’ve grown as a person through all of this. If you want to catch up on everything I learned last semester, you can read that here.

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Why I Changed My Major…again

I Changed My Major...Again

So I changed my major, for the third time, but I’m 98% sure that I’m now where I’m supposed to be! I’ve gone from being an English major to Journalism, and now I’m majoring in Advertising!

I’m really excited about this new chapter in my life as an advertising major. I’ve been thinking about this decision for almost a year now, just wondering where I’m supposed to be, figuring out what things interest me and what things I’m good at.

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16 Things I Learned in 16 Weeks of College | Sophomore Year Spring

16 Things I Learned in 16 Weeks of College | Sophomore Year Spring

How has another semester of college already been finished?? Last year I couldn’t wait to leave school for the summer, this year I was ready for school to be done but sad to leave my friends! I love summer though, it’s just more of an adjustment living at home again with my whole family and a limited amount of space with all my stuff here now. I’m excited to be moving into an apartment next year and not have to move out after a year! I’ve done these posts for each of my semesters, so if you want to read my last one you can find it here.

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What’s In My Sophomore Year Shower Caddy?

What's In My Shower Caddy?

This is my last year of needing a shower caddy! I’m actually so excited to have a real bathroom next year in my apartment. Dorm showers aren’t as bad as you may be hearing, but they still aren’t great, especially when someone takes the nice shower and you have to use one of the not as nice ones! Anyways, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might remember my shower caddy post from last year, which contained way more items because I was a dumb freshman!

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How to Deal with Back-to-School Anxiety

How to Deal with Back-to-School Anxiety

Like a lot of other students, I get bad back-to-school anxiety. I’m such an over-thinker that I give myself super bad anxiety thinking of the things that could happen. I literally just love being at home, so going back to college has proved to be a super hard thing for me to do the past two years. More so the idea of having to haul things back into my tiny dorm room makes me so stressed out, I have too much stuff and it’s literally so cold out! I just wanted to share some things I do to get through this hard transition period and maybe help along the way.

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