The Anti-Resolution Year | New Year’s 2020

So this post is all about New Year’s resolutions, or my lack of this year in 2020. I’ve written resolutions and goals for the past three years, and guess what I haven’t really achieved many of the goals I’ve set!

I’ve found that I can get more done by just setting my mind to do something, and it usually starts in the middle of the year not really at the beginning. January has always been a tough month for me, it’s the start of the new year and it has a lot of pressure to it.

I always write out that I want to eat healthier, because being home on break is always the time when I just eat all the sugar and then I usually get back on track when I’m back on my own. I want to work out more, but I started attending yoga two to three times a week this past semester.

So I’m not writing resolutions this year, but I am going to focus on just being me this year. I graduate college this year, and that is so scary that I won’t be in school probably ever again unless I decide to attend grad school in the future. So this next semester will be focused on finishing up my classes, spending as much time with friends and classmates, and finding what I want to do with my future, or at least with my summer because that’s easier to focus on! For the year, I want to continue going to yoga class because it’s good for me, continue learning to cook, and get back into hobbies. I still want to have goals for the new year, so there they are.

How did I do on my 2019 goals?

In similar fashion of my past posts, I thought I would update on my 2019 goals. They were to: Start: eating healthy again & cutting back on sugar, Create: more memories & document them, Learn: how to invest my money, See: more positive people, Try: new foods.

Okay I actually did accomplish a lot of these things. I did start investing my money and I’m still really into that. I’ve found some great friends this past year and made time to try new foods, in particular sushi which I do like.

Thanks for listening to me blabber on and thanks for following along with my blog!



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