What’s In My Shower Caddy? | Junior Year Apartment

What's In My Shower Caddy? | Junior Year Apartment

Wow, the wall of my shower is so ugly, but it’s what I’m working with for the next few months! I’m back with an updated what’s in my shower caddy, expect this year it’s a hanging shower caddy (last year’s post) because I’m in an apartment. I’m only in this apartment until the end of May and then hopefully I’ll be moving into someplace a little nicer. I’m currently on the search with my roommate to find a new place to live for our senior year of college!

Hair Care

I’ve been on a Kristen Ess kick with my shampoo and conditioner. She’s got some great products and for a pretty reasonable price, and from Target too! I’m currently using the Extra Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner. I love the coconut smell to these but prefer the original formula. The other products are the Purple Shampoo and Conditioner, and if you have blonde hair these are great!

Skin Care

I have a few face cleansers that I rotate through. My everyday cleanser is the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. This is just a basic, get the grime and oil off your face kind of cleanser. The exfoliator I’m using right now is the Lush Dark Angels, I’m kind of conflicted with this cleanser. It’s supposed to be good for oily skin, but my skin just sucks right now in general so I’m not sure if this cleanser is working for me. The last one is the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate. This is an intense exfoliating treatment, so I use it once or twice a week when my skin needs a little refresh.

What's in My Shower Caddy


For body wash, I’m using the Bath and Body Works Champagne Apple and Honey. I also have the Coconut Mint Drop body scrub to use after I shave or to get rid of dry skin. For shaving cream, I’ve been using the EOS Shave Cream forever because it works great and the bottle lasts forever. I use the Venus razor, although I’ve had my eye on the Billy ones that I’ve been seeing online.

Alright, that’s what’s in my shower this school year! These are kind of fun to see year after year to see how my products have changed, or not really changed! Let me know what your favorite shower product is in the comments!




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