16 Things I Learned in 16 Weeks of College | Junior Year Fall

16 Things I Learned in 16 Weeks of College | Junior Year Fall

I have officially finished up my fifth semester of college! I’m a junior now and have recently changed my major (read all about that here). This has honestly been one of the hardest semesters for me and I’m so ready for a fresh start next semester. I’ve moved off campus now and that’s been a transition, and I’ll be getting a new roommate at the start of next semester so that will be another adventure in my life! Life really has thrown me through so many twists and turns this semester, but I’ve grown in my relationships with people that care about me and I’ve grown as a person through all of this. If you want to catch up on everything I learned last semester, you can read that here.

  1. People change and so do you
  2. I thrive with a good amount of alone time
  3. Losing friends is okay, or it will be in the end
  4. Living off campus can be pretty lonely
  5. Say yes to everything you can
  6. Meet new people whenever you can
  7. I love cooking, but not having a dishwasher is a struggle!
  8. Stay involved in your clubs
  9. Still working to find a balance between classes, working, and socializing
  10. Sometimes things don’t start out great but get better over time
  11. I still miss home all the time
  12. Start living in the now and stop thinking so much about the future
  13. Group projects can actually be good
  14. Get guidance wherever you can get it
  15. Make connections that matter
  16. Don’t let people and things tear you down, use it to build yourself up

Here are some things I’ve learned this semester. I really struggled this semester with so many things, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and that I will get through this. I have so many exciting things that are happening in the future, but I am trying to live in the now. Although college hasn’t been my favorite thing in life, I’m going to work on making this last year and a half the best I can make it!




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