An Almost Full Face of Glossier | Everyday Makeup Edit 03

Everyday Makeup Edit 03 | An Almost Full Face of Glossier

It’s been a while since I did my last makeup edit post, so here I am with the makeup that I’ve been wearing almost daily. I’ve made about three separate Glossier purchases, so I’ve accumulated a lot of their products and have been using them a lot. Alrighty, I’ll just get into this post and talk individually about these products! If you want to get 10% off of your Glossier purchase you can use my link*.

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An Almost Full Face of Glossier | Everyday Makeup Edit 03


Glossier Skin Tint in Light: I usually don’t wear foundation, I just don’t really love the way it feels on my skin, but I was looking for something that could make my skin look better than it usually does. I watched a ton of reviews about the Skin Tint and wasn’t sure if it was something that would work for my skin because I have oily combination skin and Glossier is known to be more for people with dry skin. I’m happy to report that I’m really enjoying it and set with powder it stays on my skin pretty well. Of course, it’s just a skin tint, so all it really does is even out the skin and offer just the littlest of coverage, but it’s perfect for me every day!

Nars Soft Matte Concealer in Chantilly: This has to be my favorite concealer! I love that it’s matte, but it’s also creamy so it blends out onto the skin and looks natural. I use this on days that I wear the skin tint, but it also looks great on its own. If you have more oily skin like I do, I think this is a concealer that will work for you!

Glossier Stretch Concealer in Light: I really like using this concealer under my eyes. This is the one part of my face that can get a little dry, so this is a nice hydrating, light-weight concealer. It blends out super easily and just looks like it’s part of your natural skin. This works great on its own or with the skin tint. Sometimes I will just use this all over my skin to even out the redness and blemishes.

[one-half-first]An Almost Full Face of Glossier | Everyday Makeup Edit 03[/one-half-first]
[one-half]An Almost Full Face of Glossier | Everyday Makeup Edit 03[/one-half]

Powder Products

Glossier Wowder in Light/Medium: This is another product I wasn’t sure was going to work for me. I wanted a powder that would set my face but still allow there to be some glow but not too much where I look like I’m sweaty. This powder does exactly that!

An Almost Full Face of Glossier | Everyday Makeup Edit 03

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer: I’ve talked about this bronzer a lot on this blog, so I’ll keep it short, I love this bronzer! It blends smoothly, looks natural, and smells great-all things I look for in a makeup product! Plus the color works great for my skin so that I look naturally bronzed.

Benefit Galifornia Blush: I picked this blush up last summer, but never really used it much until now. This blush is a really beautiful coral with a slight shimmer, I usually prefer matte blushes but this one just makes the skin look healthy and not glittery.

ColourPop Highlighter in Smoke n Whistles: This is a great cream to powder highlighter! I love that I can just blend it in with my fingers and then I’m done and it looks great. This color is a cool-toned champagne and looks great on fair skin.

Finishing Touches

Glossier Boy Brow in Clear: This is a good brow gel, it helps set my brows and doesn’t make them crunchy. I got it in clear because I was using powder before to fill in my brows, but I think if I got this again I would get it in blonde because I’ve been lazy with filling in my brows.

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara: I’ve really been loving this mascara! Usually, I go for mascaras that add a lot of volume, and Lash Slick is definitely a more lengthening mascara. It doesn’t add a ton of volume, but it lengthens and separates and just looks natural. I also love that this does not smudge on me because this is a tube mascara. I’ll probably be picking up another one of these in the near future!

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