Why I Changed My Major…again

I Changed My Major...Again

So I changed my major, for the third time, but I’m 98% sure that I’m now where I’m supposed to be! I’ve gone from being an English major to Journalism, and now I’m majoring in Advertising!

I’m really excited about this new chapter in my life as an advertising major. I’ve been thinking about this decision for almost a year now, just wondering where I’m supposed to be, figuring out what things interest me and what things I’m good at.

A little back story on my previous majors

I left high school not really knowing what I wanted to do, but I had things that interested me. I was always good at English in high school, so that’s why I picked that as my major coming into college. So those were the classes I registered for my first semester.

Well, that major only lasted one week. I sat in my Intro to English class and realized this is not something that interested me in a college setting (like reading and writing about books I didn’t care about), so I went to my advisor and changed my major to Journalism. This was somewhat related to English and I really enjoyed doing the newspaper in high school.

The next two years

So I got on track for Journalism and had that major for my freshman, sophomore, and first semester of junior year. I really learned a lot about journalism and writing. I also learned a lot about my own interests through these classes. Over the course of two years, I picked up two minors (one is required for me to graduate, one I just added because I was interested and had room in my schedule) which are Marketing and Social Media.

I really delved into my minors my sophomore year, taking a few classes that fulfilled those requirements over the two semesters. My social media classes were good, I knew this was something that I wanted to continue because social media is so prevalent in our society and job market now wherever you end up. But my marketing classes started to become the classes that really interested me, particularly my advertising class and consumer behavior. I loved being involved in planning advertising campaigns and also learning why consumers buy products.

I Changed My Major...Again

Flash forward to the start of my junior year

I’m still pursuing a Journalism major with minors in Marketing and Social Media. I was making my class schedule for next semester because one of my classes got dropped, so I needed to pick up another one. I was looking at the class offerings and found myself gravitating towards advertising classes and was gonna try to squeeze in an advertising minor.

I Changed My Major...Again

I literally stopped myself dead in my tracks and was like “Why is my major not advertising?” like what is stopping me. I had some initial reservations because I was a junior and I didn’t want to get off track and have to take a bunch more classes and such. But I just knew that I couldn’t continue in college being a journalism major when I could see myself working in an advertising world so much more.

I sat down with my advisor, talked about how I wanted to change and how I needed to make sure I was still on track to graduate in May 2020. She planned out everything for this, all the classes I need and when I needed to take them, and the best thing is I’m still on track to graduate as planned! (Advertising and journalism are in the same department at my school, so a lot of my classes worked for both majors and I had been working really hard finishing up my minors the past year and a half.)

I’m super happy and excited to be in this new major! So I’m officially an Advertising major with minors in Marketing and Social Media. I think this is definitely the right track for me to be on now, and now I’m just excited to jump into my advertising classes over the next year and a half!

A few things that I realized that made me change my major:

  • No longer interested in my required classes
  • More interested in advertising careers over traditional journalism
  • At the internship fair last January, I mainly focused my search at advertising firms
  • Could not see myself working in traditional journalism
  • I still like writing, but I found a love for design and planning more

Have you changed your major in college? What led you to make that decision? Let me know!




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