What I Bring to the Gym & Other Fitness Favorites

I’ve been really consistent with going to the gym for the past two months or so. I thought I would share what items I bring with me to go to the gym and some other fitness items I’m loving at the moment. I’m going to try my best to keep up with my health and fitness routine throughout the summer along with working as a camp counselor again. I’ll keep everything updated in my monthly favorites posts too!

Fitness Favorites


I’ll just start out with what I usually workout in. I love working out in super lightweight clothes because I get super sweaty during my workouts! I love shopping at Target and Old Navy for workout gear that doesn’t break the bank, but Nike and Under Armour are some of my favorites as well.

On this day, I’m wearing a black tank from Target, blue Nike shorts, and my orange Nike Free tennis shoes (that I got off of Poshmark for such a good deal!). In the winter I’ll wear a pair of high-waisted leggings, a tank or tee, and tennis shoes. I’ll list some other great picks in the widget below.

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What I Bring to the Gym & Other Fitness FavoritesEquipment

Let me just mention my favorite product that I use, my Hydroflask! Basically, the best water bottle ever because it keeps your water cold for so long (like 24 hrs long!). I love drinking water, but only if it’s ice cold so this is perfect for me. I have the 21 oz and the 32 oz, both are great just depends on how much water you want to carry.

I have pretty long hair, so I like to tie it up with these hair ties. They don’t crease the hair, so if I want to take it down afterward it’s super nice. I also picked up a few headbands from Amazon that I’ve been using so my hair doesn’t get super sweaty, so far this headband is my favorite and comes in a ton of colors!

If I’m doing a yoga class, I use this Gaiam Yoga Mat. I just really liked the pattern, so that’s why I got this one. My gym at college didn’t have any resistance bands, so I picked up a set of these Tone it Up Booty Bands. They aren’t the best ones I’ve used, but still get the job done. Lastly, for protein powder right now I’m using the Vega Vanilla Protein & Greens. This doesn’t taste the best on its own, but I just put it in a smoothie to tone it down a little!


[one-half-first]If you’re looking for a great pair of affordable headphones, Photive Bluetooth Headphones are a great pick. They are only $20, and I’ve been using them for well over three months without any issues. The music quality is up to par and I love the that it wraps around my ear and my neck, so no chance of losing them!

I use my iPhone 6s to play music from Spotify or to listen to podcasts, whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I also wear my Fitbit Alta nearly 24/7. I use this to track my steps, workouts, along with food and water intake as well. I am looking to upgrade pretty soon to one with a heart rate tracker, but I’m trying to find the best one for me.[/one-half-first]

What do I bring to the gym?

I’m not currently using a gym bag, but probably will once I start working. I used to just throw a change of clothes in my backpack at college so I could go right after class was done! If you have recommendations for a quality duffel that isn’t too expensive, let me know!

Right now since I’m on summer vacation, I just throw on my workout gear and shoes grab my Hydroflask, earphones, and keys and I’m out the door. Then I just get an hour to focus on myself and my fitness.




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