Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review

[one-half-first]Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review[/one-half]

[one-half-first]Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review[/one-half]

Ever since I got my braces off, I’ve always wanted to have white teeth. I tried the whole strip thing and that never seemed to do anything that lasted more than a day, so I just reserved them for special occasions and stuck with my not-so-white teeth every other day of the week.

Then came Smile Brilliant when they gave me their teeth whitening kit to give a try!

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Sephora Samples Stash

Sephora Samples Stash

I always seem to accumulate a bunch of samples from Sephora, but never get around to trying them. So after these have been hanging around for a while, I finally decided to give them all a go. I actually think this was a special sample set I got with my order, which I probably why there are so many of them that I needed to try! Although one of the best things is actually getting really good samples, which I did this time around.

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March Favorites and Updates

March Favorites and Updates

We’re getting down to the wire here with school. I officially have like 4 1/2 weeks left as I’m writing this. Very exciting, but very stressful! I’m going to try to keep up with blog posts, but even in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been putting it on the back-burner. Also going to be changing up the style of these posts so they are more organized and so I can share a little bit more with you guys!

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DIY Anthropologie Inspired Painted Terra Cotta Pots

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Painted Terra Cotta Pots

I always look online at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and just die over how cute everything is! But why does everything there have to be expensive… Anyways, one day I will be able to deck myself and my space in all things Anthro, but for now, I’m just using them as a little inspiration for some DIY succulent planters!

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