The I Finally Bought Glossier Haul

The I Finally Bought Glossier Haul

I feel like I’ve had some of these items in my Glossier cart for so long, and in reality, I have. I’ve been wanting to order from here probably since last summer when I got really into blogs and they were all talking about Glossier. I was a little apprehensive because of how much hype surrounded the brand and I didn’t know if it would work with my skin. Anyways, I just finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a few things from there and so far I love what I got!

[one-half-first]The I Finally Bought Glossier Haul[/one-half-first]
[one-half]The I Finally Bought Glossier Haul[/one-half]

Boy Brow Clear

I remember way back in the day Tati talking about this product, and this was way before Glossier was a well-known name. Of course, back then I had no idea how to do my eyebrows, but now I do my brows almost daily.

The I Finally Bought Glossier Haul

I bought this in the shade clear. I’ve used colored brow gels in the past and just don’t love the way they look/apply for me. The Anastasia clear brow gel has been my favorite brow gel forever, but I wanted to try this one out and compare the two (and maybe find a cheaper alternative??).

So far, I think it’s pretty comparable. The formula is great where it sets my brows and locks my brow powder in, but doesn’t leave my brows crunchy (which I love!). The brush is tiny, but so much product comes out at first. I just have to be more careful and make sure to wipe as much off in the bottle as possible.

Coconut Balm Dot Com

I love lip balm, I even wrote a whole post here featuring some of my most used products. Balm Dot Com has been on my wishlist for so long, but I was never sure what flavor to get. I finally decided to get the coconut flavor after someone described it smelling like cookies. I can attest that it does in fact smell like coconut cookies, and it’s amazing!

The actual lip balm is moisturizing. It’s super easy to apply and more hygienic because of the tube versus my most used Vaseline one. They are a similar concept being petroleum based, I believe Balm Dot Com has a few added ingredients to make it extra hydrating. I’ve always had good luck with these kinds of lip balms. I’m going to keep using this one and have my eye on the mint and birthday cake one as well!

[one-half-first]The I Finally Bought Glossier Haul[/one-half-first]
[one-half]The I Finally Bought Glossier Haul[/one-half]

Cloud Paints

This product is basically the reason I wanted to do this order. I’ve had my eye on this since it was released, and I’m not disappointed. I’ve gotten really into cream blushes lately because  of how easy they are to apply. This is a gel-cream blush, so it’s more liquidly but applies about the same.

I got two shades, Puff and Beam, as they seemed most suited for fair skin. Puff is a gorgeous baby pink that looks so natural on my skin. Beam is a coral color, which I think is going to look great in the summer with a little more of a tan. I also love that you can mix the colors to create another shade as well.

The formula is so easy to use. I apply a little dot on my fingers, apply to my cheeks and blend. It looks natural and I’ve found that it lasts so long through the day. They give an almost stained effect to the skin and I love it! I’m such a blush person, so these are right up my ally!

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Alright, there is my haul! I’m so pleased with the products I’ve picked up and they go with the natural every day look that I sport. I’m probably going to be placing another order in the very near future.




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