Currently Reading, Watching, & Listening To Lately Winter Edition

Currently Reading, Watching, & Listening To Lately Winter Edition

I guess I’m making this a series on the blog now! I’ve done two of these posts (check out my last one here) in the past and have now decided to make this a quarterly post here. It’s basically just my lifestyle favorites and an excuse to post my Spotify playlists on here. Anyways, let’s get on with this post!

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The I Finally Bought Glossier Haul

The I Finally Bought Glossier Haul

I feel like I’ve had some of these items in my Glossier cart for so long, and in reality, I have. I’ve been wanting to order from here probably since last summer when I got really into blogs and they were all talking about Glossier. I was a little apprehensive because of how much hype surrounded the brand and I didn’t know if it would work with my skin. Anyways, I just finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a few things from there and so far I love what I got!

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Kristen Ess Haircare Review

Kristen Ess Haircare Review

So I kind of have a love affair with Kristen Ess… I’ve been following her on Instagram for ages after I discovered her through Lauren Conrad. Then I think it was last year, she released a line of haircare products in Target and everyone went bananas. I have the problem of having way too many products to use, so I didn’t end up buying anything from her line until these sets were on sale around Christmas. I’ve been testing them out for awhile and wanted to share my thoughts.

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Chicago Travel Diary | How I Spent a Long-Weekend in the Windy City

Chicago Travel Diary

So I got the chance to visit the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois over President’s Day weekend and I had the most amazing time! My friend and I got the opportunity to travel with our college on a bus trip for so cheap, so we jumped at the chance to spend the long weekend in the Windy City. I’ll be sharing what we did all weekend and a lot of photos, so be prepared!

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February Favorites and Updates

February Favorites and Updates

I’m gonna join the masses and say that February just flew by! As I’m writing this right now I’m relaxing at home on spring break watching the Oscars on TV. I love watching the Oscars every year, even though I haven’t seen a single movie nominated for best picture. February was a good month, but I’m so looking forward to spring and some warmer weather in the near future!

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What’s In My Sophomore Year Shower Caddy?

What's In My Shower Caddy?

This is my last year of needing a shower caddy! I’m actually so excited to have a real bathroom next year in my apartment. Dorm showers aren’t as bad as you may be hearing, but they still aren’t great, especially when someone takes the nice shower and you have to use one of the not as nice ones! Anyways, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might remember my shower caddy post from last year, which contained way more items because I was a dumb freshman!

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