Products I’m Currently Testing #1

Products I'm Currently Testing 01

I thought I would try out this currently testing style of post instead of normal hauls. That way I can actually give some real thoughts and opinions on the product instead of just my first impressions. Two of these items were gifted and the other two I picked up to try out.

[one-half-first]Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment Swatches[/one-half]

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment

I’ve been reading Kelsey (from beautybykelsey) rave on about these Nars liquid lipsticks. Then I saw Sephora offer a little sample size pack, so I decided to pick one up! This one came with two colors, Rock with You (deep mulberry) and Under My Thumb (burgundy).

These are insanely pigmented, but they feel really nice on the lips. I’m someone who can not stand to have dry lips and so far these haven’t done that. What I like to do with these lipsticks is apply a little bit in the center and then sheer it out. It gives more a stained effect and is less intense. These were perfect to wear over the holidays!

L'Oreal Elive Hair Oil & Revlon Brow MousseL’Oreal Elive Extraordinary Oil*

I received this oil from Influenster to try out. I’m a huge fan of hair oils to soften and condition my hair. I don’t think this one is extraordinarily good compared to other hair oils I’ve tried, but it is nice. Very easy to put in my hair after I get out of the shower and it’s easy to brush.

Revlon ColorStay Brow Mousse*

I received this brow mousse in the shade blonde. I’ve got to say I’m not a huge fan of this product. It’s a little too warm-toned for my hair and brow color. The applicator is very interesting but hard to use. First of all, it’s hard to get the product out and then when it comes out, it has way too much product. I’ve tried using this a few different ways, but just don’t think it’s going to work for me. I’m a much bigger fan of my Anastasia clear brow gel.

[one-half-first]Hide & Sheen Concealer and Highlighter Duo[/one-half-first][one-half]Hide & Sheen Concealer and Highlighter Duo


Benefit Hide & Sheen Concealer and Highlighter Duo

I had wanted to try out both the Boi-ing concealer and the Watts Up highlighter, so this little duo was right up my alley. I really like the highlighter because it looks really natural, plush it being in a tin makes it super easy to pop on the cheekbones. The concealer is really good too, I just wish it was slightly brighter. I know that it’s supposed to cover dark circles, which it does that really well, but I have super fair skin where this is slightly too dark sometimes. I’m making it work though, and I think this will be the perfect shade for the summer time. Overall, really good product and it will be great for travel because it’s very compact.

Products I'm Currently Testing 01

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