January Favorites and Updates

January Favorites & Updates

January had to be one of the longest months ever! I felt like it was never going to end, but here we are sitting in February. I think February is going to fly by with all the things I have going on, but it’s going to be good! Here’s to another month of getting things accomplished.

FavoritesJanuary Favorites & Updates

  • Lush Sleepy Lotion: This is just a heavenly smell. I used to not love lavender smells, but recently this has been my go-to lotion. I also had some trouble sleeping when I got back to school this semester, so I started slathering this on every night. It’s more the placebo effect of knowing I had the lotion on that helped me sleep better, or I was just getting more tired throughout the day or something. But anyways, this lotion smells amazing and makes my skin super soft. I’m probably going to need to order another one here soon.
  • Tarte Blushing Bride: This blush has been my go-to this winter. It’s the perfect flushed mauve shade and works really well on pale skin. I really like the blushed look, so I’ve been wearing this a lot to get that winter flush. Tarte blushes also have a great formula, so you don’t have to worry about looking like a clown.
  • The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% & Zinc 1%: I have been breaking out a ton this month, so I’ve been using this again to help clear it up. I’m still working on finding my ideal skincare routine, but adding this has been a real help on the skin front. The acne doesn’t go away super quickly, but I’ve seen an overall improvement in my skin, so I’m going to keep using this and see what else it can do!


  • Spring semester started this month, and so far things are going pretty well. I have one general left to finish up this semester, which is Spanish and man it’s getting hard! Otherwise, I’m in all of my major and minor classes. I’m liking actually being interested in my classes this semester.
  • I went to a few yoga classes over winter break with my sister and I’ve really been enjoying it. When I go home I try to go to a class on the weekend if she has one, or else I’ve been trying to do Yoga with Adriene videos in my dorm room. I’m trying to make my way through her 30-day challenge, but haven’t been doing it every day. In February, I’m going to try to do at least twice a week practice.
  • My friend and I have also started going swimming lately. It’s been a fun little activity and gives us something to do a few nights a week. We mostly just float around in the deep end and chat, but it’s a good time.
  • I saw The Greatest Showman this month, and I really liked it! I thought it was going to be slightly better, but it had a good storyline and great music! Have you seen it, what did you think of it?

What are some of your goals for February, I’d love to know!




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