Vogue’s 73 Question Tag

Vogue's 73 Questions Tag

I was struggling what post to write today, so I decided I would get a little more personal on here. If you haven’t seen Vogue’s 73 Questions videos, basically Vogue goes around with a celebrity and asks them these questions in a very quick style manner. I love Blake Lively’s video mostly because it’s Blake Lively and she’s awesome. They have tons of others too, but today I just wanted to go through the questions and answer them!
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Mini Ulta Haul

Mini Ulta Haul

I picked up a few things from Ulta a little while back. I was looking for a new moisturizer, and it was on sale, so I made a little purchase. Luckily, this was during the skincare sale so I also got free shipping without having to spend a lot. Though I had to make another purchase later on in the week because my hair straightener decided to die one morning! I’ve had the straighter for about 7 years, so I guess it was its time.  I picked this one up as a replacement, it’s the same brand so it’s just as good!

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