6 TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

5 Shows I'm Watching Recently

Basically like every other person on the planet, I love watching TV shows. I tend to switch between shows fairly often, whether it be because I finished up the season/series or I just get bored and have to start another. I wanted to share today what shows I been watching recently.

The Office

This is just a great TV show. I recently started rewatching it when I was at school and got sucked back into it. I’m currently on season 5 right now of my rewatch and I’m sure I’ll have it done quickly when I return. I’ve realized the Jim is one my favorite characters ever, and that I have a little soft spot for Phyllis. Also, Michael Scott is just unreplaceable and I’m sad when I have to get to this point in the series again. Anyways, watch the Office if you haven’t before, I don’t think you’ll regret it!


I have just a few episodes left of season 2 to finish up of Quantico. I watched season 1 forever ago, and then I just randomly returned to it. I really like the show though! Season 2 has gone through a few different storylines, but it’s kept me interested throughout the whole season. Alex Parrish is always saving the world in some way or another. This time the group is involved with the CIA, so they are in another Quantico type training facility. I’m interested to see what happens in the next season!

Jane the Virgin

I just finished up what was on Netflix over Christmas break, and I already want to watch the next season. As this show is a telenovela, there is drama in every episode. I just finished up season three and man was this a crazy season. First, there was a huge plot-twist (I won’t ruin this, promise!) and then the ending just got me in the feels. I also like that this show has a mix of Spanish because I get a tiny bit of word recognition in every episode.

Below Deck

This is the only show that you can’t watch on streaming services, unfortunately. My dad and I got into one summer and we’ve continued to watch it together ever since. This is a reality show that follows a yacht crew as they serve clients. The crew is really entertaining and for a reality show, it doesn’t seem overly fake, which I appreciate. I think you might be able to watch this on Bravo.com if you are interested.

Boy Meets World

Hulu recently added this to its lineup, so I started watching it again. I’m still on the first season of rewatching these, so I really need to get a move on in this show! I really love the storyline of Cory and Topanga, so that’s kind of the reason I started rewatching. It’s also just a great show to turn on and get other things done because it doesn’t require too much focus.


I’ve taken a little break from this show, but once I finish a few others I’ll get back to it. I talked briefly about it in this post about how much I enjoy it. It’s just a feel-good show that makes you feel like your with your real family. It’s got great characters and storylines.

[one-third-first]The Office[/one-third-first]
[one-third]Jane the Virgin[/one-third]

[one-third-first]Below Deck[/one-third-first]
[one-third]Boy Meets World[/one-third]


What shows are you watching right now?



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14 thoughts on “6 TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

    1. Below Deck is so good! Love Below Deck Med as well, they are just some entertaining reality TV and the people that come on the yachts sure are characters. I’m glad someone else enjoys this show as well!


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