How to Deal with Back-to-School Anxiety

How to Deal with Back-to-School Anxiety

Like a lot of other students, I get bad back-to-school anxiety. I’m such an over-thinker that I give myself super bad anxiety thinking of the things that could happen. I literally just love being at home, so going back to college has proved to be a super hard thing for me to do the past two years. More so the idea of having to haul things back into my tiny dorm room makes me so stressed out, I have too much stuff and it’s literally so cold out! I just wanted to share some things I do to get through this hard transition period and maybe help along the way.

1. Self-Care, Self-Care, Self-Care

I wrote that three times because that’s how important it is. This is something that I’m not always the best at because I also feel the need to please other people. Honestly, though, it’s a new year, new semester, and it’s time to put a little focus on yourself and your well-being. Self-care doesn’t have to be a huge thing either, just something that you do that can lift your spirits and feed the soul.

Easy Self-Care Ideas

  • Put a face mask on
  • Make yourself a hot drink
  • Read a book
  • Turn on a show/movie on Netflix
  • Journal (my favorite is Q&A A Day)

2. Get Back Into a Routine

It can be pretty drastic going from doing nothing for three weeks to suddenly have to start waking up early and going to class. That first week back for me is all about getting into a routine. I’m pretty sure the routine I had during the fall will be pretty much the same as the spring, especially with my class schedule similar. I was pretty happy with my routine in the fall, so I don’t think I’ll need to change things up a ton. Find what works for you, and if you feel you need to change your routine to make you less anxious–do it. Routines are so important, so it’s important that they work for you. Here are a few tips on time management that I wrote last year.

3. Add Something New Into the Mix

I think it’s important to pick up a few new things to start the semester off strong. Buy any need school supplies that you’ve been lusting after. For me, I’m looking forward to returning to the products I left behind, especially all The Ordinary Skincare I had just ordered. My skin is suffering a lot from being extra-anxious so it needs a little extra care this time of year. I’m also going to try to get some self-help type books read during this semester, so I’ll probably be putting a little Amazon order in soon.

Alright, that’s just some simple tips to help with back-to-school anxiety. It takes a while to get used to being back in college, but eventually, you’ll get that routine going and everything will be okay. Let me know what you do to help with back-to-school anxiety!




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17 thoughts on “How to Deal with Back-to-School Anxiety

  1. I’ve been out of school for six years now, and I’m lucky that this isn’t something I dealt with because I LOVED going back to school. I deal with anxiety in many, many other ways though, especially when it comes to dating. These tips are so great for anyone having to deal with back to school anxiety!


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