Must Have Note Taking and Planner Supplies

Note Taking and Planner Supplies

Every college girl needs some nice note taking and planner supplies. I’m a sucker for beautiful supplies to use in my planner or notes. But more importantly, I need products that are going to work and get the job done. This year I’ve picked up a few new staples and included some of my long-time loves. If you want to read about how I organize my planner you can do that here.

Notebooks & PlannerMust Have Note Taking and Planner Supplies

Before you need something to write with, you need something to write in. I love taking physical notes for my classes, as I find that I pay more attention without the distraction of my computer. My favorite notebook is the Five Star College Ruled 3 Subject. I have two notebooks per semester, one for my MWF classes and another for my TTH classes. There is plenty of room to write and take organized notes.

I’ve switched my planner to be an academic one instead of yearly. This just makes more sense for me while I’m in college. I’ve gotten my planner every year from Target and they work really well. The one I have now has to be my favorite, the cover is just so pretty! I found a similar one at Target that is also beautiful for 2018.

I also love using Post-It notes to help organize things. They are mostly used in my planner to write to-do lists for work and my online class. I like how they add a nice pop of color and are moveable so I don’t have to rewrite things every week.

[one-half-first]Must Have Note Taking and Planner Supplies[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Must Have Note Taking and Planner Supplies[/one-half]

Pens & Pencil

For pens, I’ve been loving the Micron 05 and Micron 08 black. I use the 05 to write in my planner every week, the 08 I usually use more for art and hand-lettering. The 05 is the perfect thickness for my handwriting, the ink flow is great, and it doesn’t bleed through. If you want a cheaper option, Sharpie Pens are good. I find they don’t last as long, but I still enjoy using them.

For more practical everyday use, I stick with the Bic Ballpoint pen in blue ink and the Bic 0.7 mechanical pencils. These I have used for years and they never really fail me. I’m able to take notes with the pen and complete assignments in pencil if I need to.

[one-half-first]Zebra Mildliners[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Zebra Mildliners[/one-half]



I’m a huge fan of using highlighters in my planner and notes. I recently picked up the Zebra Mildliners because I wanted some pastel colors to use instead of the traditional highlighter colors. I’m really big on colors to organize things and help me visualize things in my head. Pictured above is the Pink Pack, which contains neon colors, and these are the ones I use most frequently, but I loved these so much I picked up the Yellow Pack and the Blue Pack. They have really good colors as well, I’ll probably do a full review of the highlighters in a separate post.





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