Things I’m Doing to Help With Seasonal Depression

Things I'm Doing to Help With Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression is something that usually hits me every year. January is a hard time with going back to school, the new year, and the cold weather. I just get a little blue over the whole month and have to focus on my mental health just a little bit more this time of year.

There is a lot of changes coming to my life, the kinds that are months away but I love to plan, so I’m planning for them. I’m also really excited for these things, like getting an apartment next year and working on my blog. But change is scary.

Anyways, I’m on Christmas break right now. So happy to be home, but still super anxious about life right now. These are just a few things I’m doing to help with my seasonal depression.

1. Practicing Self Care

The thing I love most about being at home is being comfortable. I’m getting some really therapeutic alone time in (#ambivert), after being around people a ton over finals. I also got to come home and take a nice bath, light my favorite candles, and just watch a ton of YouTube and Netflix. Being completely myself and doing things to help the soul.

2. Getting Inspired

I mentioned earlier that I am working on the blog recently. Yes, this had added to my anxiety lately, but I’m super excited to get this blog to the next level. So I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately on Pinterest and Instagram trying to get content ideas and just general inspiration for my life. As a creative individual, I want to get back into my hand-lettering since I have more time over break. I’m also working on photography with my new DSLR camera I bought!

3. Doing Things I Love

There are so many things I want to do over break, but so little time. I’m focusing on just doing things that I love to do. Like trying out new recipes and old favorites. Baking is actually quite relaxing for me. I also made my very own latte at home today and I’m super proud of myself, mostly because I just saved myself $5 by not going to Starbucks.

[one-half-first]Homemade Latte[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Homemade Latte[/one-half]

4. Spending Time With Family

Actually, the best thing about being home is being with family. I love playing videos games with my brother, shopping with my mom and sister, and watching shows with my dad. All things that make me happy and doing them with people I love.

Just sitting down and writing this post has actually helped me feel a lot better, so thanks for reading. I’d love any of your suggestions about seasonal depression.



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