Cold Weather Shower Essentials

Cold Weather Shower Essentials

I’m one of those people that loves to switch up their products for each season. I try to rotate products based on my hair or skin needs, which definitely evolve between summer and winter. Showers are one of my favorite things, so I tend to spend a little longer in them in the winter because they are so warm and cozy. Here are the products that have been on rotation this winter season.

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How to Deal with Back-to-School Anxiety

How to Deal with Back-to-School Anxiety

Like a lot of other students, I get bad back-to-school anxiety. I’m such an over-thinker that I give myself super bad anxiety thinking of the things that could happen. I literally just love being at home, so going back to college has proved to be a super hard thing for me to do the past two years. More so the idea of having to haul things back into my tiny dorm room makes me so stressed out, I have too much stuff and it’s literally so cold out! I just wanted to share some things I do to get through this hard transition period and maybe help along the way.

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Must Have Note Taking and Planner Supplies

Note Taking and Planner Supplies

Every college girl needs some nice note taking and planner supplies. I’m a sucker for beautiful supplies to use in my planner or notes. But more importantly, I need products that are going to work and get the job done. This year I’ve picked up a few new staples and included some of my long-time loves. If you want to read about how I organize my planner you can do that here.

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Easy Makeup for Interviews | Everyday Makeup Edit 02

Easy Makeup for Interviews | Everyday Makeup Edit #2

Well, it’s officially internship and interview season! I wanted to share what kind of makeup I usually wear to interviews, or basically the makeup that I do when I need to look a little more professional for any occasion. I like to keep it really simple and natural looking, just to enhance my natural features more than do any crazy makeup. If you are headed to interviews this year, I recommend just going with your everyday makeup for the most part.

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