6 Ways to Decorate a Dorm Room on a Budget

Dorm Decor Wall Grid

I love decorating my dorm room, but I’m also a college student on a budget. It’s not impossible to create your dream dorm room on a budget, but it requires a little more work. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest pinning items to my college board for dorm room inspiration. I have a few tips for every college girl to get some decor at a reasonable price!

1. Find trendy pieces for a lower price

These wire grids have been a huge hit in room decor for a while, so I knew that I wanted to get one for my dorm room. This wall grid from Urban Outfitters retails for $59, something that is not in my budget for a bit of wire. Now the wall grid I picked up from Target is only $10 and way more affordable! It is a lot smaller, but it worked perfectly for where I wanted to put it!

2. Use a lot of pictures

Pictures are super cheap and easy to print out and add to your dorm room. Not only do they add some personality to your room, but you get to see your memories hung up every day. I have my wall grid filled with pictures of my friends and family and it adds a lot of personality to my room that I like to see every day! Last year I had some cheap picture frames with pictures in them, and that definitely makes things a little classier.

Succulents Succulents

3. Add some succulents

I love having some plants in my room! Succulents are easy to care for and easy to get your hands on. I picked all of these up at Lowe’s for just a few dollars and they add a lot of life to my room.

Cork Boards

4. Cork Boards

Cork boards are super cheap and easy to add to your room. I picked these up from the Target dollar section for $3. I don’t have anything hung up on them right now, but I like how they look plain as well. These triangle cork boards are also hung up in my room.

Dorm Decor Signs Dorm Decor Signs

5. Cute Signs 

I picked up these signs on clearance at Kohls over the summer. They are a few saying that I really love seeing every day. One I picked up because it reminded me of camp this summer! I have one set up on my desk and another on top of my fridge. You can also hang these up on the walls to save on table space.

6. DIY

This last tip is super easy, and usually, cost-effective. I really want to make a yarn wall hanging like this one to add to my wall.  Last year I also painted canvases to add to my wall and they were very cost effective. The beauty about DIY is that you can create whatever you want in your price range. Have fun browsing Pinterest and creating your dream dorm!




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