Top 3 Blushes for Fall

Top 3 Blushes for Fall

I don’t think it’s any secret that blush is my favorite part of my makeup routine. I love switching up the colors with each season and playing around with some different formulas. Most of these have been staples in my collection for the past year, but I can see myself using these a lot in the upcoming autumn months.

[one-half-first]Top 3 Blushes for Fall[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Top 3 Blushes for Fall[/one-half]

ColourPop Prenup: I picked this up last fall, so I’ve been using this blush for awhile.  I love ColourPop’s formula, as it’s a cream to powder blush. It has a great texture for my skin and blends flawlessly on my cheeks. It never looks streaky and is the perfect mauve color for flushed autumn cheeks.

Too Faced Baby Love: This is a really great natural color. This is a nude blush, with some warmth to it so it’s great for fall! I love using this for minimal makeup days or for when I do a full face, it’s very versatile. The formula on this blush is also great, it’s very soft and puts just the right amount of pigment onto the face.

Tarte Exposed:  Another great nude blush, in a matte pink color. I think this is the perfect color for everyday because it just gives enough color to not make the face look flat, but not too much that you look like a clown. The color is also perfect for fair skin because a nude pink is always a great pick. This formula is a little stiffer than the Too Faced one, but with just a little more patience you can get the perfect look!



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