chit chat: getting back into it

chit chat: getting back into it

It has been a month since I last wrote a blog post. Despite having an editorial calendar full of ideas, I just couldn’t get myself to write a blog post.

I was very busy this summer, but I absolutely loved every minute of it. I got to work with some awesome people this summer and spent time with amazing kids as a camp counselor. I’m very sad that I had to leave this and go back to school.

I have not been in the best headspace lately. After having such a busy summer working, going on vacation, and then jumping right back into school-I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m in a very love/hate relationship with college, for the most part, I like it, but something is holding me back from truly loving it.

Here are just some general updates:

  • I’ve moved back to school, obviously, and am living in a dorm again. I have bought a few really nice things for my dorm like this wall grid and new desk lamp. I’m really struggling with how to decorate my walls this year as I feel like my style has changed a lot.
  • I’m struggling with deciding what I want to do with my major. I have so many interests and I have no idea what I actually want to do after I graduate. I think I’ll be sticking with journalism but have also been thinking of speech language pathology in the future.
  • On the other hand, I want to get back into blogging some more. I have not been liking my blog content recently and feel like I’m taking a step back from beauty and makeup. I still have an interest in it, but I think I want to focus more on lifestyle and college for awhile.
  • I’m loving my new planner for this school year! I’m trying to keep my life more organized and more aesthetically pleasing. I’m using the Micron Fine Point Pen in .05 and really like how it writes and it doesn’t bleed. I love using highlighters and these Zebra highlighters and so nice! They are pastel and fit my color palette a bit better.




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