Five Loves for July & August | Monthly Favorites

Five Loves for July & August

Well, not only is this post super late but I actually struggled coming up with five products I enjoyed over these two months. Anyways, I’m trying to get back to posting more consistently but that hasn’t been going very well so far!

Nike Shorts

My summer camp staple has been my Nike tempo shorts! They are so comfortable and come in really fun colors. This new pair has been on repeat almost every week because it has some of my favorite colors on it!


Another summer and camp favorite! My Chacos have gotten a lot of wear throughout the summer months and now that I’m at college. They are super easy to slip on, are comfortable, and look cute. I don’t care how many people complain about them, they are one of my new favorite pairs of shoes! I actually was able to purchase these off of Poshmark and save a bit of money as well!

Tanned Skin

I’ve gotten my nice natural summer tan back and I love it, but when I’m wearing makeup I’ve still got to fake it a little bit! The Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer is one of my favorites for summertime. Not only does it smell like a summer vacation, but it provides more warmth to my face.

Coral Blush

I love switching up my blush color, so when I saw the Benefit Galifornia blush I just had to pick it up! I really love the pretty pink coral color that makes your skin look perfectly flushed and healthy. It has some golden shimmer throughout for extra radiance.

Champagne Lids

The few weddings I did go to this summer I used this eyeshadow. Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy is the perfect champagne nude shade for all over the lid. I like that it is subtle but still adds pop to any look. I love pairing this with shades from my Naked3 palette!




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chit chat: getting back into it

chit chat: getting back into it

It has been a month since I last wrote a blog post. Despite having an editorial calendar full of ideas, I just couldn’t get myself to write a blog post.

I was very busy this summer, but I absolutely loved every minute of it. I got to work with some awesome people this summer and spent time with amazing kids as a camp counselor. I’m very sad that I had to leave this and go back to school.

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