How to Make the Most Out of Your Makeup

How to Make the Most Out of Your Makeup

I think the problem with the beauty industry is that we are expected to have a huge collection of makeup and are constantly getting sucked into impulse purchases with new releases. There are many other problems with this industry, but I still love buying and using makeup. I’ve been practicing more healthy spending habits with makeup and actually getting use out of all of my products.

Only Buy Products You Know You’re Going to Use

This seems like an easy tip, but a number of lipsticks that I buy, because they are pretty that have sat unused in my collection, is way higher than it should be! I now only buy lipsticks if they are for a special occasion and I need that color or something. I’m really trying to get use out of all these pretty colors! I do like to try out new products, but most things I like to research and wait on purchasing. This is how I’ve been able to grow my collection while also getting to use most of the products.

Don’t Get Sucked Into Limited Edition

The thing about the beauty industry is there is constantly new releases coming out, and so many companies are coming out with limited edition items. These things are truly just marketing gold mines because they are forcing consumers to act quickly when buying these products to go with the hype. A lot of these products are not always great quality and a lot of people are disappointed. I like to think about buying products for awhile before actually taking the plunge, so often I don’t buy limited edition items.

Shop Your Stash

I try to make it a goal to rotate through my products to get use out of everything. Many of my products are seasonal, so they get rotated every 3-6 months. I recently wanted to buy a new concealer, because it’s the one makeup product I use almost every day, but then I went through my collection and found four half-used concealers that I’m now using up before I buy a new one. It’s actually very satisfying finishing a makeup product and then getting to crack open a brand new one to use.

I love the beauty industry, obviously, that’s why I wanted to write this blog to share my love for makeup! I just don’t believe in having a ton of products sitting there getting unused, which is why I’ve been trying to use up my products this year and get the most out of my hard earned money.

What are some ways you make the most out of your makeup?




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