Everyday Warm Toned Eyeshadow Picks for Summer

Single Swipe Warm Toned Eyeshadow Picks

Warm toned eyeshadow is the perfect for any summer makeup look! I was looking through my eyeshadow collection and found a few warm shades that I think are perfect to just swipe over the lid for a quick and easy summer look. These shades really make my blue eyes pop, and many of them are staples in my collection! I’m a very simple makeup wearer, so shades that I can just blend on the eye are perfect for me. Even mixing a matte and a shimmer with any of these shades would create the perfect look. Most of these are from palettes, but I have included a few singles that are so close in color!

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Sephora Favorites Sunkissed Glow Review

Sephora Favorites Sunkissed Glow

It’s really no secret that I love buying minis of products, so when I saw this new Sephora Favorites pop up I was very intrigued and decided to take the plunge and buy it! Obviously, it’s the Sunkissed Glow Kit so it’s full of bronzey shades and golden highlights. Sephora Favorites are great sets to pick up to try a bunch of deluxe to full-size products at a reasonable price (for Sephora that is)! Another perk of this set is everything comes in a really cute bronze makeup bag that can be used again and again! I needed a new makeup bag anyways, so it will come in handy.

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ColourPop Haul | Blotted Lips & Pressed Shadows

ColourPop Haul | Blotted Lips & Pressed Shadows

ColourPop has to be my favorite affordable brand out there! Obviously, because their products are next to none in terms of formula and packaging. Before I did this order, they just released some of their blotted lips and I knew I had to try them! Then ColourPop had a 20% off sale and I put my order in right away. I have two previous hauls with you can read here and here.

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Complete Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit for $100

Complete Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit

This is a complete guide to a drugstore makeup starter kit. For a little over $100, beginners can get good quality makeup and start their collection. When I first started my makeup collection, the drugstore was the first place that I hit up. I wanted to see if I really liked doing this whole makeup thing without spending a ton of money. Of course, I’ve realized now that you can find some real gems in the drugstore that have become staples in my collection. I wanted to create this complete drugstore makeup starter kit for people who want to start with the basics or build on their collection!

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Influenster Glow VoxBox Unboxing & Review

Influenster Glow VoxBox Unboxing & Review

I’m so excited to share another Influenster VoxBox unboxing with you today! I received the Glow VoxBox with some products to review. If you don’t know about Influenster yet, you need to! It’s a free service that will send you products in exchange for reviews and your social impact. You can read about my last Influenster unboxing here!

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What It Means When You Decide to Be Happy


As a self-proclaimed pessimist, I always look for the negative in every situation. I have spent a lot of the past year unhappy and upset with how things were going because I thought this is the way I was stuck with my life. Then I stopped letting other people dictate my life and situation and decided to look out for myself.

I left some really bad friendships in the past and opened myself up to some great people, something that I was terrified to do. I joined clubs and organizations that I’m really interested in and started to meet new people and have new opportunities.

I stopped being lazy and got myself a part-time job, and learned that I love being busy and doing something. My job was a great time-filler and I felt productive, something that I had missed so much.

I recently took a spontaneous summer trip to visit a friend, something I was so skeptical to do, but I’m so glad I did. I got to spend some time with my friend at an amusement park, then shopping and then swimming with my siblings who came along with me.

So what does it mean when you decide to be happy? For me, I decided to live my life. I stopped hiding in the shadows waiting for things to happen to me and decided to make them happen.

Despite the negative still trying to come back in my life and the pessimist mindset that I have, I’m relatively happy. My family is the best, and I’ve realized who my true friends are and what make a real friend, and it’s not someone that tries to make you feel bad about yourself.

Makeup makes me happy, looking up at the clouds and down at the flowers, wearing new shoes, and having a fake-tan. These are things that make me happy, and I realized that I have a lot to be happy about.

I’ve decided to make the best of every situation, to keep dreaming big and living my life. What does happiness look like for you?




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