School’s Out for Summer Pamper Session

Summer Pamper Session

How many times can I talk about the fact that it is summer on the blog?? I think about a million! Anyways, I’m super excited to be on summer break because it means I actually have time to pamper myself.

One of my favorite things about summer is that I can be a bit more tan! I’m extremely fair skinned, so I need a fake tan to get basically any color besides sunburns, which I’ve already experienced as well. My favorite product at the moment is the Jergen’s Instant Tan in Deep Bronze.

I actually didn’t mean to buy this shade as I’ve had this lighter one before, but it creates a deep color with only one application. This tan can last a few days before needing to be reapplied. I make sure to apply it with the Ulta Sunless Mitt to not get orange hands!

With tanning comes the before the process of exfoliating my skin. Right now I’m using The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub. It’s a really good scrub, but it looks and smells just like raspberry jam so you can’t beat that!

I also need to moisturize my skin as well. My sister got the Bath and Body Works At the Beach Body Cream that I’ve kind of stolen! It smells just like sun-tan lotion, but better because it’s not sun-tan lotion!

My face has been in need of a good face mask, so I’ve been using up my Lush Cupcake face mask. It smells like mint chocolate and makes my skin feel so soft after using it!

I also love doing my nails now that I’m home. A few of my favorite colors recently have been Sinful Colors Aubergine, a raspberry shade, OPI Taupeless Beach, a taupe shade, and Essie Fun in the Gondala, a light-pink peach shade (one of my all time faves!).

This pamper session was much needed for me! What do your pamper sessions consist of?




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