Freshman Dorm Room Tour

SDSU Ben Reifel Hall Dorm Room Tour

SDSU Ben Reifel Hall Dorm Room Tour

SDSU Ben Reifel Hall Dorm Room Tour

SDSU Ben Reifel Hall Dorm Room Tour

SDSU Ben Reifel Hall Dorm Room Tour

Dorm Room Tour

Well, here is my freshman year dorm! I am studying at SDSU and lived in Ben Reifel Hall, which is a freshman dorm, but untraditional. I do wish I would have lived in traditional dorms for a year, but the extra space is nice. I will experience a different type of dorm next year so that will be a nice change. I will walk you through each “space” of the dorm!


My roommate brought most of the ‘living’ section of our dorm. I know that the futon mattress is from Target and the base is from Amazon.  She also brought the TV, but the 4-Cube Organizer is mine. I have four bins that I used to hold more clothes and other odds and ends. I also brought the ottoman, which was so helpful for storing all of my shoes and obviously putting your feet up. We also both brought a mini fridge and it was nice to have one to ourselves.


The closet is basically all that comes with the room. I have way too many clothes, so both the bar and the drawers were very full! I put a laundry basket on the top of the shelf to serve as a hamper. Then I just kept my toiletries on the shelf as well and shoved a lot of crap on top of my dresser because it couldn’t be seen with all of my clothes!


I was super happy with my bed, not only was it cute, but it was actually comfortable! This is my sheet set and a similar comforter. I had a bedrest pillow which I used every night when I watched Netflix in bed. I can’t recommend getting a mattress topper enough, either, it makes dorm beds actually sleep-able.


The desk obviously came with the room, as did the chair. I kept my makeup on top of my desk, I’ll have to do a makeup collection post here soon! I also had a desk lamp and a  light up mirror. The other items can be found here. I kept a three-drawer storage cart next to my desk for food storage.


The thing I was most excited about for living in a dorm was being able to decorate it! A lot of the decor I made myself, so it was cost effective as well. Near my desk, I bought some cheap picture frames to display some pictures and some of my hand lettering. Behind the futon, I created a gallery wall. The big picture is my roommates, some of the canvas I made myself and a few others were bought. Above my bed, I had my floral initials that I made and some photos hung up with clothespins.




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