What I’ve Been Reading, Watching, and Listening to Lately

What I've Been Reading, Watching, and Listening to Lately

Now that I’m off of school for the summer I have more time to do everything, which includes a lot of reading, watching, and listening (haha!). I’ve really enjoyed this time lately to unwind and actually get to enjoy things a little bit more. That will be until my summer class starts in a few weeks that is!

Reading | I found it really hard to read for pleasure during college. Since I’ve been home for less than a week I’ve already finished two books. The first book was Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham. This is a non-fiction book about Lauren Graham’s life from Gilmore Girls and much more. I loved Gilmore Girls, so that’s why I read this and I really enjoyed it! The next one I read was Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. It’s about a girl who is so sick that she is unable to leave her house until a boy moves in next door and changes everything. The movie for this book comes out in a few weeks and I’m very excited to see this after reading the book!

I have two books on my reading list right now one is By Your Side by Kasie West. I cannot recommend Kasie West’s books more. I’ve read all of them besides this one and thoroughly enjoy everyone I read! The next one is Alex & Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz.  This is a fiction retelling of Alexander Hamilton, so I excited to dive into this one soon!

Watching | I have been watching a lot of shows on Netflix lately! I just finished up watching 13 Reasons Why and Girl Boss. I really enjoyed both of these shows, though on completely different spectrums of each other!

I’m currently in the middle of watching Shameless and This is Us. Shameless is very raunchy and funny, and it’s not the type of show I usually watch but I actually really like it. I’m almost finished with This is Us and can’t wait for more episodes to come one. Each episode has the ability to make me laugh, cry, and be thoroughly entertained.

Listening | Summertime turns into a lot of country music listening for me. I really love all of Sam Hunt’s songs, especially Body Like a Back Road. Also Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect. I’ve also been listening to Issues by Julia Michaels. 

What are you reading, watching, and listening to this summer?




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