Five Loves for March | Monthly Favorites

Five Loves for March

I feel like March just flew by, so here I am doing another monthly favorites post! March was very busy for college life since it was midterms and spring break! I’m struggling to keep up with this blog at the moment since college life is a bit overwhelming, so posts might be a little sporadic until I can get back home for the summer but I appreciate if you will stick with me!

Moisturized Lips

My lips are so dry during the winter, but I’ve found a few products that have kept them hydrated and not so chapped! The one product I’m so in love with is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy.  This is a thicker lip balm that hydrates and has a minty scent, love using this with my Mint Julips scrub from Lush (review here). The other product is Carmex Comfort Care, I love the original Carmex so I wanted to try this new formula and I’m very impressed as it keeps my lips very hydrated!

Gilmore Girls

I finally finished the original Gilmore Girls series on Netflix! I have been watching this for a while and was kind of dragging on the final series because I didn’t want this show to end. After my sister and I both finished the original, we decided to binge watch the revival of the show over the weekend of spring break. I was really impressed with the revival and can’t wait for another season to come out! P.S. Rory & Logan forever!


Now that warmer weather is upon us, I’ve upped my use of SPF in my skin care. My skin is having a freak out at the moment, so I trying to fix that while keeping my skin hydrated and healthy. I’ve switched back to The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer. This is my favorite face lotion to use in the spring and summer!

Tarte Blushes

Over March I have picked up a few new Tarte blushes, as they are one of my favorite blush formulas! Two of my favorites are Captivating, a bright peach, and Exposed, a nude pink. I’ll be having a few more posts are these Tarte blushes, but I love the formula, staying power, and color selection!

Spring Candles

With changing seasons comes changing candles! I’ve been burning this pineapple candle the whole month, which was a gift from my mom. I also love Watermelon Lemonade and Salted Vanilla from Bath and Body Works. Most of my candles come from BB&W, so I couldn’t recommend them enough, plus I reuse their jars for almost everything!




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