5 Time Management Tips for College | How to Balance School & A Job

Time Management Tips for CollegeWhen I started college, I did not expect it to be this hard. Not only was I moving to a new town to start a new school, but college is so much different than high school. It’s been an adjustment for sure! Then in the spring semester, I also started working an on-campus job, so my time management skills had to get a lot better.

  1. Use a Planner: I cannot preach this enough, but having a planner has saved me so much stress! I have a whole post about it here. I always write down all of my assignments and exams for the week so I know what’s coming up. I also have my class and work schedule in there when I need to reference it!
  2. Have a Schedule: I’m so glad that my job has a consistent schedule every week. I also have like the best job ever since it’s right on campus! I am taking 17 credits this semester and usually work 12 hours a week, so I’m quite the busy bee.
  3. Use Your Time Wisely: I have a few hours in my day where I have nothing going on. During my busy weeks, I spend this time doing my homework instead of sitting and watching Netflix. Having my homework done early guarantees me time to hang out with friends or relax later on in the day.
  4. Wake Up Earlier: This is not an easy one even for me to follow, and most of the time I don’t. But if I know I need to get something done, one of the best time is getting it done early in the day.
  5. Disconnect: College has only made me realize how much time I spend on my phone/social media/computer. It really is my safety net when I need to escape, but when it comes to homework it’s not the best. When I need to accomplish something my phone is just a huge distraction. I try and put it away and actually complete tasks.




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