5 Little Things You Need for College

Five Little Things You Need for College

There are so many things that you need for college that you never think of! A lot of these items are things that I’ve picked up along the way or brought from home when I realized I would need them. These are the things that no one really tells you to bring along with you!

Room Fragrances

Dorm rooms can get smelly real fast if you don’t have something in your room to keep it fresh! I also like having different smells in my room just like I do at home. I love my Yankee Candle Wax Warmer to melt all different scents. Although you are not supposed to have these in your dorm, almost everyone has one and you just have to hide it! My roommate and I also have a Glade Plugins Scented Oil Warmer, with lots of different fragrances! This is university approved and keeps the room continually fresh.

An ID Holder

Because your student ID is basically your life in college, having somewhere to put it is very important. I know that my university bookstore sells plastic ones, but I’d rather have a cute one! I picked up the Vera Bradley Zip ID Case and I love it! It’s held up really well, with only a minor scratch on the front. I also have the Vera Bradley Lanyard, but never really use it as an actual lanyard. Actually please don’t ever wear your lanyard around your neck, it’s just not a good idea!

A Journal

I love being able to write about things because I find it’s a good way to clear my thoughts. I’m not a daily journal type of person, but I like to remember certain things. Right now I’m using the Q&A A Day for College Journal. I just have to answer a question a day, and I’m able to clear my thoughts and get memories down on the page that I can look back on for the next four years.

Fuzzy Bed Items

Nothing makes me feel more at home then being wrapped in a warm cozy blanket. I have soft plush throw in my bed at all times. Another item I have in my bed is a bedrest pillow. Something that I wasn’t sure I would get a lot of use of, but I use it almost every day! I also have a sherpa blanket that is so warm and fluffy!

Little Organization

I have a bunch of small products that I needed a place to put rather than scattered across my desk or drawers. To store my perfumes I use a vanity tray on top of my desk. In my drawers, I use a drawer organizer my nail polish, wax melts, and other odds and ends. Next year I need to pick up some more drawer organizers for even more use of my space! I also just use a lot of my old Bath & Body Works candles to store makeup and skincare items. For makeup organization, I use this acrylic organizer and this one. I really want to reorganize my makeup, but another time!

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