Five Loves for February | Monthly Favorites

Five Loves for Februrary

Monthly favorites are some of my favorite videos and blog posts! I love seeing what people are loving throughout the month and using. I wanted to try a simpler format for monthly favorites and I like the idea of picking five things/categories and sticking with that.


Spring fever is in full bloom for me! We got teased here in SD with some warm weather and then another snow storm. So to combat my need for spring, I picked up some succulents! I had planned to move these into my dorm room, but with only two months left and a lack of constant sunlight, they are staying at home right now. My mom takes very good care of them, but I’m definitely still learning the proper way to care for these guys!

Anastasia Brows

I first reviewed this set back in October, and I’ve been using it so much since then. I started doing some minimal makeup every day for school and work, so brows are very important. The brow powder, clear brow gel, and brush are so worth it to buy on there own or with the set. They all work together to make my brows naturally filled in and lasting all day.


One of my goals for this year is reading more, in January I was in the middle of reading three books and now I’ve finally finished two in February. My favorite that I read is Things We Know by Heart by Jessi Kirby. It’s a really heartfelt story about being in love and losing someone. The writing gets you sucked into the story, and the story is something I’ve never read before.


Blush is honestly my favorite makeup product. Perhaps it’s me being so pale that blush really brings my face to life, but it’s something that I use every time I do my makeup without fail. My favorite this month is the ColourPop blush in Between the Sheets. It’s a neutral pink color that creates a natural flush. Works great when I only use concealer to spot correct and still lasts all day.


This is the makeup product that I couldn’t live without. Yes, blush is my favorite, but mascara is a very close second. I’m currently using the MILK Makeup Ubame Mascara. It’s such a weird wand with three balls, but it works well to separate, lengthen, and give volume. It makes my lashes look 10x more amazing than normal, but still natural enough for every day.




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