MAC Lipstick Captive Review & Swatch

Mac Lipstick Captive

MAC Lipstick in Captive, a beautiful muted raspberry with some purple undertones in a satin formula.

It took me forever in the MAC store trying to figure out what I wanted to buy. I had actually never stepped foot into one until this year, and it’s a brand that I don’t hear much about online. I knew that their lipsticks and lip liners were probably the one thing that would interest me, and then I ended up only purchasing one lipstick.

Mac Lipstick Captive Lip Swatch Mac Lipstick Captive Swatch


I decided to go for a satin formula for the comfort factor, which this lipstick does have. I find that it is pretty long-wearing and is super pigmented. With only one swipe across the lip, you can get a supersaturated color.  I love wearing these raspberry mauve colors in the fall and winter and this color is so unique to anything I’ve seen before.


I think the whole reason I even purchased this is because I so often see MAC lipsticks pictured on Pinterest and Instagram and I wanted to see what the hype is all about. The formula of the lipstick is very comfortable and long-wearing, and the price, $17,  is decent for a higher-end lipstick.

I don’t find myself wearing lipstick a ton lately, so I don’t think I’m going to pick up a ton of shades in the future, but they do have a ton of beautiful options. I have my eye on Brave, Twig, and Velvet Teddy, which are all in the nudes and pink family that I would probably get more wear out of. Captive is a stunning shade that was a nice addition to my lipstick collection and my first ever MAC lipstick.


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