Staying Organized in College + How I Use My Planner

Staying Organized in College

Staying organized is not always an easy task, but I would say that buying a planner has been the best purchase for my college career. I love sitting down each week and planning out what needs to be done. If you are in college or are coming into college, I strongly encourage you to use some sort of planner, whether it be physical or electronic.

How I Use My Planner in College

Physical Planner

I’m a firm user of a physical planner because I like the action of writing things down and crossing the off. I’ve been using planners from the Sugar Paper collection at Target and really enjoy them. I have the smaller one right now, but I had the bigger one in the fall and I would recommend that one more because it gives you more space to write and organize. I thought I would try to free up a little space in my backpack, but I’ll be returning to the bigger one.

In my planner, I use the lined sides to mark down all my homework assignments. Then I started using the calendar view as a way to plan blog posts, but have recently switched to Google Calendars to plan out my blog content. I now use the calendar as a way to put down school events and other activities.

Staying Organized in College and How I Use My Planner


I think this really is the fun part of planners is the supplies you get to use! I love and use all the time are the Sharpie Pens. For my planner, I’ve been using the Sharpie Fine Point Pen to make my handwriting fit on the lines. I like just using the black pens so that when I use my Sharpie Highlighters in all different colors it stays the same. In class, though, I’m usually using the Bic Ballpoint Pens in Blue Ink. I firmly remember using these since the 8th grade and I’ve been loving them ever since.

How I Organize

This is definitely something that came with some trial and error of how I like to organize my planner, but I’ve found something that really works for me. I start out just by writing each of my classes that I have on that day with an even amount of lines. Then I sit down with each of my syllabuses and fill out what I due on that day. I like only filling out a week because I find that I can remember what needs to be done with consulting my planner all the time. By using a planner I always know what is due and when, when I get things accomplished, and what is coming up in my schedule. I cannot recommend using one enough.


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