Marc Jacobs Highliner | Influnester VoxBox

Marc Jacobs Highliner VoxBox

I’m always so excited to get a box from Influester, but when I found out it was the Marc Jacobs Highliner box I was ecstatic! For those of you who don’t know, Influenster is a website that will send you free products based on reviews and your social influence. It’s such a great and easy website to use, and so rewarding when you receive products to try!

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MAC Lipstick Captive Review & Swatch

Mac Lipstick Captive

MAC Lipstick in Captive, a beautiful muted raspberry with some purple undertones in a satin formula.

It took me forever in the MAC store trying to figure out what I wanted to buy. I had actually never stepped foot into one until this year, and it’s a brand that I don’t hear much about online. I knew that their lipsticks and lip liners were probably the one thing that would interest me, and then I ended up only purchasing one lipstick.

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Drugstore Essentials Haul | Milani, Maybelline & Royal & Langnickel

Drugstore Haul

I’m calling this an essentials haul because this haul consists of primers and brushes, which are both essential for putting on your makeup and every item is from the drugstore!

This was kind of spur of the moment pick of items. I was in Walmart picking up school supplies and just wandered over to the makeup section to see what was there. Then I ended up walking out with three items, but I feel a little less guilty about this because it is drugstore and these products are pretty affordable!

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Staying Organized in College + How I Use My Planner

Staying Organized in College

Staying organized is not always an easy task, but I would say that buying a planner has been the best purchase for my college career. I love sitting down each week and planning out what needs to be done. If you are in college or are coming into college, I strongly encourage you to use some sort of planner, whether it be physical or electronic.

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