Bath & Body Works Winter Candle Picks

Bath and Body Works Winter Candles

I don’t know about you, but I find the winter time the perfect chance to burn as many candles as possible! I love getting cozy with a book or an episode of Gilmore Girls with a delicious smelling candle in the background. I’m also such a fan of cinnamon scents, which is the theme you’ll find in my picks! I’m kind of an exclusive Bath and Body Works candle buyer, but I just find the quality and price point is so great, so I highly recommend anything from there!

Bath and Body Works Joy Peppermint Marshmallow, Spiced Gingerbread, and Tis the Season Candles

Joy Peppermint Marshmallow// fluffy vanilla marshmallows and peppermint joy:/ I love peppermint in the winter, but sometimes it’s a little too strong. This candle has a perfect mix of peppermint and marshmallow that makes it smell like a sweet candy cane. I also find this one very calming because of the mint scent.

Spiced Gingerbread// spiced gingerbread, vanilla icing, sparkling cinnamon sugar, fresh ground nutmeg: A great way to get the cinnamon scent without it being too overbearing. A sweet mix of spices and a light cookie scent. The jar of this is also very pretty on display!

‘Tis the Season// red apples, freshly ground cinnamon, deep green pine: This is my absolute favorite Christmas candle because it has every smell that reminds me of the season. Of course, this is also a great one to burn after the holidays to get all warm and cozy. I love the blend of apples, spices, and pines to create a lovely scent.

Bath and Body Works Snowflakes and Citrus, Creamy Nutmeg, and Spiced Apple Toddy Candles

Snowflakes & Citrus// frozen lemon peel, fresh squeezed tangerine, winter white mango, sugar snow crystals: This is the perfect crisp winter candle. It smells just like sweet citrus and fresh fallen snow, and that may sound like a weird combination but together it’s so good! I love burning this during the day because it just freshens up the room.

Creamy Nutmeg// grated nutmeg, cinnamon stick, sugar almonds, creamy vanilla: This is another warm and cozy scent, but very warm and spicy. I love the mix of vanilla and spices because it is muted scent, but lets out so many yummy smells.

Spiced Apple Toddy// warm apple brandy, spiced plum, cranberry, cinnamon stick: This candle is similar to ‘Tis the Season without the evergreen. I love the smell of apples and cinnamon and that’s basically this candle! I love how warm and cozy this makes me feel when I burn it.


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