16 Things I Learned in 16 Weeks of College | Freshman Year Fall

First Semester of College Review

As I head back to school for my second semester I wanted to write down some things that I’ve learned as a first-year college student. I think this is a great idea for every semester, just to remember that I’m learning things constantly. My first semester was one of the hardest times of my life, but I’m hoping that this second semester will be a lot better, but we’ll have to wait til May to find that out!

  1. College requires a lot of transition and adjustment, remember that when you feel lost.
  2. Having a roommate is hard.
  3. Keep your side of the room clean, it makes for a better living environment.
  4. Routines are so important.
  5. Having a planner is a must to keep everything organized.
  6. Don’t take online classes if you don’t have to. They are annoying when your teacher doesn’t reply.
  7. Don’t eat like crap all the time, it makes you feel bad.
  8. Leggings are your new wardrobe best friend.
  9. Go to every event that is offered. They are fun and a way to get out a do things.
  10. You shouldn’t be afraid to join things.
  11. Eating alone is okay, and you will learn to enjoy the quiet.
  12. Your high school friendships will change, a lot.
  13. Changing your major will be a great decision.
  14. You will do things that you never thought you would, and it’s all for the best.
  15. Keeping things bottled up only makes things worse, learn how to communicate.
  16. Your mom will become your best friend and a constant support.


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