Essie Picks for Winter

Essie Winter Nail PolishI love painting my nails, so it’s especially fun for me to be able to pick up some new colors for the Winter season! I also love Essie polish and the colors that they have recently released. I saw these while shopping at Target one day and they were perfect for winter!

Essie Maki Me Happy |$9| A beautiful deep red, almost berry shade. One of my favorite for fall and winter. I had this one my finger nails all week and loved how it looked!

Essie Satin Sister |$9| A deep emerald green that has a hint of teal color. Perfect for Christmas time! Love how it looks on my toes at the moment.

Essie Maki Me Happy, Satin Sister, Kimono-Over, Udon Know Me

Essie Kimono-Over |$9| A very dark plum shade. I have yet to wear this one yet, but planning on painting my nails with this later today!

Essie Udon Know Me |$9| A muted light-blue shade. I love these colors for winter, I think I happen to own a shade very similar to this one, but I just can’t get enough!

What kind of colors do you wear during the winter season?


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