Birthday Haul 2016 | Urban Decay, Sephora & Ulta

I have to admit that my birthday was two months ago… But I finally got around to putting up this haul! I’m not very big on birthdays, so this haul consists of my free gifts for Sephora and Ulta and what I bought for myself.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Swatches on Fair Skin

The first thing I picked up for myself was the Naked3. I can’t believe that I believe that I bought myself a Naked palette! I had a Sephora gift card to use, and thought why not get myself another palette?

I am so in love with this palette, though! The Urban Decay Naked3 is a rose/mauve toned palette that consists of a lot of shimmers and a few matte shades. This palette is so up my alley because I love creating mauve toned looks! All of these shades work really well together and are just so beautiful! Some of my favorite shades include Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, and Nooner. Although I get so much use out of all the shades and am so glad that I picked this Naked palette up. I’ve still got my eye on the Naked2, but that will come at another time.

Ulta Beauty Birthday gift 2016 Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Swatch on Fair Skin

My free birthday gift from Ulta this year was a single pan of Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy. It’s a very pretty shimmery champagne color. I love that they gave this shade away because it’s so versatile and usable. I have also never tried a single Urban Decay shadow and can’t say I’m disappointed with the quality!

Sephora birthday gift 2016 Fresh Soy Face Cleanser & Fresh Rose Face Mask

Lastly was my free gift from Sephora. I picked up the Fresh set over the other one because I never buy myself very expensive skincare, so I thought this would be some good ones to try. The first item is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, which is a very gentle cleanser that smells like cucumbers. The second item is the Fresh Rose Face Mask. This product is pretty expensive for the full size, so repurchasing is not likely for me. I do enjoy this face mask, though, it smell of roses, which isn’t my favorite scent in the world, but it isn’t overpowering. It does a good job of clearing your skin and makes everything smooth.

That’s all for my 2016 birthday haul. I’d love to know what you receive for your birthday or what you’ve recently picked up in the comments!


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