ColourPop Haul 2016

Colourpop haul. Swatches of lippie stixs, highlighters, blushes, and eyeshadows.

My love of Colourpop only grows stronger! I put in this order quite a while ago, but it’s given me some time to play around with everything and get my opinions in order! Most of the items are part of the Fall 2016 collection, but they are all still available! The price of everything is so cheap and you are guaranteed great quality with every item you buy. You can check out my previous ColourPop haul here.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows Swatches

L-R Tang, Weenie, & Brady

The first thing I definitely wanted to try this time was their eyeshadows. I have heard such great reviews online that I needed to give the formula a try. Working with these shadows required a bit of learning curve because of their unique formula. Using a brush doesn’t pick up much pigment, so I find it best to apply with my fingers and then blend out with a brush. The matte shades are also very hard to work just into a transition shade, but they work beautifully to layer on top of!

Super Shock Shadow Tang |$5| A matte formula in a dusty plum shade. The texture is a typical one of ColourPop. I have used it all over the lid on its own or just in the crease to create a natural shadow. It’s such a beautiful everyday color that I have gotten a lot of use out of.

Super Shock Shadow Weenie |$5| This shadow is a rose gold shimmery shade in a pearlized finish. I find rose gold much more flattering on my skin tone than gold, so I knew that I would love this. I also enjoy this shadow because it is so easy to apply with my fingers and get so much pigment out of one swipe.

Super Shock Shadow Brady |$5| You can tell a theme with the shades I picked, with a general mauve tone to them! Brady is another matte formula, but this is in a dusty rose shade. I love this color so much! I actually prefer this color all over the lid with some shimmer in the corner of the eye and it’s just so pretty!


L-R Prenup & Cruel Intentions

Super Shock Blush Prenup |$8| A satin formula in a mid-toned plum shade. This blush creates such a natural flush on the cheeks and is perfect for fall and winter. The satin finish of this blush offers a nice sheen on the cheeks but isn’t overly shimmery.

Super Shock Blush Cruel Intentions |$8| The name of this blush, of course, is named after the movie Cruel Intentions, which is actually a good movie! I wanted to try out a darker blush because I tend to go for the same shades over and over again! It is described as a warm rose shade and is just so pretty on the cheeks! On my fair skin, it creates a natural winter flush that still looks natural.

L-R Monster & Smoke N Whistles

Super Shock Highlighter Monster |$8| I first saw this shade on Pinterest and it quickly caught my attention! This is such a unique highlighter in that it is duo-chrome. From some angles, it appears like a white shade, and from others, it is a pretty light pink. It’s so fun, and it doesn’t look over-done when it’s on the cheeks.

Super Shock Highlighter Smoke N Whistles |$8| Described as a cool-toned champagne with silver highlights. I love wearing this highlighter because it is just so shiny and reflective and the real in your face highlighter that doesn’t look like you’re wearing any. That was the weirdest description ever, but just trust me that this one is beautiful.

L-R LBB, Flawless, & Contempo

Lippie Stix LBB |$5| A plum wine shade in a matte formula that is so perfect for fall! I debated whether to get this color, but am so glad I did because I have been looking for a shade similar to this and I get it for such a good price!

Lippie Stix Flawless |$5| A deep violet color in a satin formula. This shade is another one perfect for fall, and it makes your teeth look really white, so that’s always a plus!

Lippie Stix Contempo |$5| A dusty rose color in a matte formula. This has become one of my everyday shades because it’s just that pretty. It’s like the perfect my lips but better shade, the formula is comfortable and I’m just a sucker for colors like these!



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