Life Lately #3


Hey guys! It’s been so long since I’ve been active on my blog, and it’s been heavy on my mind to start putting more focus on it starting in the new year. I just wanted to give a few updates on my blog and try and get it a little more in order!

01. I am working on getting my own blog domain! Ahhh! I didn’t think I would ever be owning my own blog, but here I am working on it! I’m still in the research process and trying to find a good price of everything (because it is very expensive to start up!). I think by the new year, I will have a blog to call my own!

*Update new blog at

02. Speaking of starting a new blog, it will have a new name. It won’t be completely different, just a little more personal to me. I’ll keep everyone posted on what is to come on terms of blog name and location!

03. As I work on this new blog, I plan on having a post once a week until I begin and then I will hopefully have posts out twice a week.

04. I plan on writing some more college posts, but my blog will mostly be about beauty and lifestyle. So generally the same as this one!

05. I don’t really have another update, but I just want to say I’m so excited to start focusing on my blog again! I started this blog as a summer project to keep myself busy, and I’ve found that I really love writing and sharing posts with others. I want to be able to grow and explore, so that’s why this upgrade is so important for me!



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