Maybelline BetterSkin Concealer Review

After loving the BetterSkin powder, I decided to continue down the line and try out the concealer. I picked up the BetterSkin concealer in the shade Ivory. I needed a new concealer that matched my summer skin tone (that I sadly don’t have anymore, but this concealer still matches).

This is a thicker concealer, similar texture to Maybelline’s Fit Me. Being a lover of Fit Me, I do love this one, but for other reasons. I like that this concealer contains salicylic acid that helps fight blemishes while wearing it.

The concealer offers a good amount of coverage and works great under the eyes. It’s more yellow toned than the Fit Me, so at least the shade range is a little different.


This concealer works great with the BetterSkin powder. I like to put the concealer on first under my eyes and on my blemishes. Then I top it off with the powder and get a good amount of coverage for every day.

I think Maybelline hit the nail on the head with this line of products. I’m sure the foundation is also good, but I have not tried that one out quite yet.


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