8 Tips for Beginning College from a College Freshman

It has been two weeks since I started college. It has definitely been one of the hardest times of my life, but I discovering a lot more about myself and the way I work. Right now college is not my favorite thing in the world, but I’m slowly getting there. I have a few tips that I think any incoming freshman can use when they start college!

  1. Go in with an open mind. I was terrified about move-in day and meeting new people, so I think this set me back. I was too focused on what I was leaving behind that I couldn’t even see what was now in front of me.
  2. Talk to your roommate. Your roommate is someone who you are going to have to live with for the rest of the year (if everything goes well), so establishing a relationship with your roommate is an important one.
  3. Walk around your hall and introduce yourself. I didn’t do this my first few days at college, and I really wish I had. Everyone is so terrified, so sometimes you just need to be the person to go introduce yourself.
  4. Don’t be afraid to cry. I cried so much my first two days, but I didn’t want to let all these new people see me this way. In retrospect, crying helped me just let all my emotions go instead of holding them in like I usually do. The thing that made my first few days better was going out to my car and crying for 45 minutes while talking to both of my parents.
  5. Go to the activities. They are set up for a reason, so just go. For me, they set up tours and seminars that I could have done without-but I did them anyway. Go to the activities fair, if not to learn about new things then for the free stuff you will get! And go to any floor, hall, or campus activities-they are fun and a way to get out there a little. In my first week, I went speed-friending, played bingo, and got free tacos, so I’m calling that pretty good!
  6. Find where your classes are. The night before classes started, I was so nervous I was going to get lost, or even worse look like a freshman with a map! Luckily my campus is really small and my classes are close together, so I didn’t have any problems. But just knowing where the buildings were helped put a little ease into my head.
  7. Give yourself some alone time, if that’s what you need. I’m an introvert, so sometimes I get a little-drained being around people 24-7, which is what college is. I try to allow myself a couple of hours in the day to myself and doing things that I enjoy.
  8. Try new food. My campus has so many food options that I need to let myself try. I’m still working on this and getting past the eating alone thing. Common food isn’t all that bad, so don’t be afraid and just try new things until you find out what you like.

I know that I will continue to learn a lot the more time I spend at college, but this is just some things I wish I could have known going to college.




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