Life Lately #1

I’ve seen other bloggers do these kinds of posts, and I think they could be fun to give a short little update on my life and get to know me a little better.

.01 I’m in college prep mode lately, so I’m spending lots of time browsing Target for things I think I need that I probably don’t and all that jazz. I’m also in search of the cheapest textbooks, and that’s quite the challenge. Like damn, some of these books are expensive.

.02 I recently went to a Scotty McCreery concert with my sister and had a great time! I’m not really a country listener, but I can make an exception for Scotty (and Sam Hunt, love him!)

.03 I been doing my nails more lately and I’ve been wearing this color on my toes and love how tan it makes my legs look (even when they’re not). I also recently picked up this color and love how neutral it is. It’s going to be the perfect gray color for fall!

.04 My Birkenstocks have been my summer shoe staple. They are so comfortable and go with everything!

.05 To get my summer glow on, I’ve been using this tanning mousse. I haven’t tried any more expensive tanning brands yet, but this does the job. It gives me a nice even color, and that’s really all I could ask for.






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