July Makeup Haul and First Impressions

I’ve been doing a little shopping lately, and I just wanted to stop by the blog to do a little haul and some first impressions of the products I picked up! I love trying new makeup, it just gets me excited to try something new and find a home for it in my collection.

Buxom Liquid Lip in Centerfold, Rimmel Lipliner in Enchantment, Clinique Lipstick in Matte Crimson

I’m going to start out with some lip products that I’ve picked up. Actually two out of the three of these things were free, so that’s a plus. At Ulta, they sometimes send you some free items if you are a reward member (which if you shop at Ulta, you need to sign up!). I received  Buxom liquid Lipstick in Centerfold and  Clinique lipstick in matte crimson.

At first, I wasn’t sure that Centerfold was going to be a good shade for me, but that’s because I never pick up nude colors (and I don’t know why). It’s a really comfortable formula that doesn’t feel dry on my lips which is great because that’s one thing I can’t stand, and the color is really flattering. I don’t really wear red lips on a normal basis, so Matte Crimson has yet to be used, but maybe more in the fall!

I also picked up Rimmel’s lipliner in Enchantment when I found it on clearance at Target. Nothing was wrong with it, so I decided to pick it up. I love the color, I’ve been using it all over the lip and just leaving it because I love the color so much!



Now for the random bits. I’ve seen so much hype over L’oreal’s infallible eyeshadows, especially in Amber Rush, so I needed to try it out myself. It’s such a pretty color and I love coppery-rose gold shades. I think it’s going to be great just blended on the lid for an everyday look.

I’m not much of a foundation wearer. So I like to stick to lightweight formulas, and Almay’s Smartshade in Light is just that. It’s basically a moisturizer with some pigment in it that matches to your skin tone. It really does match your skin tone when you blend it in. So far I like to blend it in with a brush, although it was made to be blended with your fingers-I just find it more sanitary to blend with a brush or beauty blender.

I also picked up some skincare of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil. I needed a lightweight moisturizer for summertime because I also get so hot and sweat everything off. This oil absorbs really quickly and leaves my skin feeling so soft.


I love getting new makeup brushes! The first ones I picked up were some from Wet n’ Wild. My local stores do not stock very many of these, so these three were all I could get my hands on. The flat top brush is super soft and blends product really well on the skin. I also picked up the large eyeshadow brush and the small concealer brush (which I’ve been using for eyeshadow). These are not the best quality, but for only $1, I think they were worth a try. I’m going to keep using them and trying them out though. The last brush I picked up was the contour brush from Royal and Langnickel. I picked this up as a recommendation from a friend, and it was a good one! It applies bronzer really soft and light, which is the look I go to all the time. I’m definitely going to get some good use out of this brush!

Have you picked up any products lately?







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