Why I Struggle With Confidence While Wearing Makeup.

NYX Little Susie, Covergirl Tempt Berry, Covergirl Spice, Covergirl Guavalicious, NYX Aria, Covergirl Magenta Minx

I just started wearing makeup a year ago, after admiring it on YouTube and blogs for years I decided to dip my toes in a little bit. When I went to prom my junior year, I put on a thin coat of mascara and a swipe of lipstick and that was it. And I was fine about it, except I knew that I was missing out on something great. I just felt judged for wearing too much makeup, the girls at school didn’t wear much so I figured that I shouldn’t either. Plus I didn’t feel like I dressed well enough every day to wear a full face of makeup.

Fast forward a year, and I still struggle with wearing makeup even though I own quite a bit of it. While in school, I wore mascara everyday and that was about it. I felt pretty good, as I wore this tiny amount of makeup. I’m pretty quiet and reserved, so wearing makeup was kind of way of putting myself out there a little bit. I felt good, but still weird about it, so I wouldn’t go out the house wearing too much.

I’m still struggling to wear more makeup, more so because I like the way I look in it and it’s fun. Makeup is fun! There are so many ways to accentuate my natural beauty and make myself feel a little prettier. I still keep it pretty natural and don’t venture out on the eyeshadow and BB cream unless I’m going somewhere special. Like my senior prom, where I actually wore a full face of makeup outside my bedroom, and I felt great. I loved the way I looked at prom! I like the feeling of putting a little more into my appearance. Now I just need to get some use out of all these vibrant lip products that I have on my vanity.


I like being out there, and I’m working on getting more out there. I want to feel more comfortable no matter if I’m bare-faced or have makeup on. I don’t want to feel judged by people around me for ‘trying too hard’ because it’s just something that I’m able to do, and I want to.

Have you ever struggled with confidence while wearing makeup?



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