My Five Fears For College

1. Making friends: I don’t peg myself as the most social person, and I’ve basically had the same friends for forever. I went to the same school my whole life, so friends were just a guarantee for me. Going to a new school with a lot more people scares me. I really want to make a good group of friends while I’m at school, so I’m going to try and get out there more!

2. Moving out: I have never moved, in my whole entire life. As excited as I am to move away from my family and get a new experience, it terrifies me. My roommate seems great so far, so that should make it easier.

3. Classes: I did really well in high school, and I never really had to try very hard to succeed. I like school, but having harder classes is going to be a new experience. I’m glad that I was able to take AP and Dual-Credit my senior year though because I feel like these will prepare me a little more.

4. Getting Involved: I went to a small high school with little to no clubs. I’m not a sports girl-like at all. So as much as I loved getting involved in the few things in high school, there is going to be a lot more opportunities in college. Hopefully, I can find a good place for a few activities.

5. Getting Used to a New Schedule: High school was so set in stone. I had the same schedule for the past four years. Now that my classes start a little later (thank goodness for that though, I’m not a morning person) and end a little earlier, it’s going to be interesting getting used to not being in school so long. I thrive on a schedule though, so this shouldn’t be too hard to get used to, but I’m super nervous for the first day and first week.


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